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Featured Technologies

Areas of Research Concentration

  • Data Science extracts meaning from data and creates data products
  • UX Research & Design studies behaviors, attitudes and feelings about using a product
  • Advanced Analytics & Algorithms explores the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data
  • Human-Computer Interaction is the study and design of interactions between people and computers
  • M2M Mobile Communications is the design and development of technologies that allow machines to communicate with other machines in a global environment
  • Image Analytics studies the extraction of meaningful information from images by means of digital image processing techniques
  • Data Quality Monitoring comprises research into best practices that improve data quality reactively and preventatively
  • NoSQL Database Design is the design and use of next-generation database architectures to enhance the creation of Industrial Internet big data environments
  • Scalable Cloud Architectures is the design and construction of scalable, cloud-based architectures that meet the requirements of Industrial Internet big data environments
  • Hadoop Infrastructures includes design and architecture to provide timely insights from large quantities of Industrial Internet big data