Leadership Programs

We encourage promising students to work alongside our industry-leading researchers. Do you have what it takes to join us?

Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP) As an Edison, you are offered opportunities to build on a strong technical foundation and accelerate your journey to being an expert in a technical field about which you are passionate. You have an opportunity to contribute to a range of projects in short-term, high-intensity assignments with diverse teams in a range of technical areas. Through the program, you will expand your knowledge and advance your project management skills through the advanced courses in engineering. Leadership and business skills are developed in corporate courses. Experience and training combined with mentoring from assignment managers prepare members with the technical and professional skills needed to achieve a successful career in technology. To learn more, visit the GE Edison Engineering Development Program page. Ready to dive in? Apply for the program.

Other GE Leadership Programs  Beyond the Edison Engineering Development Program, we offer other multi-year rotational programs for emerging leaders to build functional expertise and a strong foundation for future leadership roles as well. All of our programs include a special leadership week with our Crotonville team and peers from all disciplines.

One third (+30%) of GE’s senior leaders are program graduates, highlighting the strength of our career-long approach to learning and development. Our portfolio of programs offers diverse experiences in a short time frame to accelerate your opportunities to grow with us well after the program.

From digital technology, manufacturing & operations to human resources and more, jump-start your future by joining one of our global leadership programs.