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When people think of additive manufacturing (AM), they usually think of 3D printing. Of course, 3D printing is an extremely innovative technology and is at one of its most exciting stages of evolution right now. However, it does have its limitations -- in size and the applications for which it can be used. GE is working on an AM method to address those limitations. It is using a spray paint technique known as cold spray (or sometimes 3D painting) that builds upon metal surfaces.

Much is yet to be learned about the GE Oil and Gas Technology Center set to be built next year near downtown, but designs for the $110 million project indicate the company is looking to be a community player and enhance its visibility in the energy industry.


GE today announced the selection of a site in Downtown Oklahoma City for the company’s first-ever Global Research Center dedicated to Oil & Gas technology.

GE has selected the site for its Global Research Center focused on oil and gas technology.The 95,000-square-foot center will be at NE 10th Street and N. Walnut Avenue, said Mike Ming, general manager of the GE Oil and Gas Technology Center.

General Electric's $110 million Oil and Gas Technology Center has found a home east of downtown Oklahoma City near the University Research Park, GE executives said Thursday.  Construction on the 95,000-square-foot research center will begin in the spring, and the building is expected to open in the spring of 2015.

GE Global Technology Director Christine Furstoss discusses using 3D print technology for making jet engine parts with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West”.

Innovative manufacturing processes and manufacturing execution systems have transformed the plant floor over time. Rapidly however, technology is reaching a tipping point where new advancements and improvements will come from the machines and systems themselves through predictive technology, advanced controls, and Smart Manufacturing systems.

Proud of his team’s achievements, he (Gopichand Katragadda) tells Sudhir Chowdhary in a recent interaction that over the last decade, the work done by inventors at the centre has resulted in over 2,000 patents being filed by the parent company.

Researchers from GE and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) may have found a solution for next-generation electric vehicle (EV) batteries that improve driving range and lower costs for consumers.

The brand uses a design contest and Twitter gifts to give us a peek at its 3-D prowess. See the new visions for Santa's ride that came out of the campaign here.

GE Global Research, the technology development arm of the General Electric Company, has announced that Dr. Marshall Jones, an expert in laser manufacturing, is a recipient of the 2013 University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst "Salute to Service" award. Jones was presented with the award during a ceremony in Boston.

GE is getting more and more innovative, as it continues to experiment with emerging technologies. This time researchers at GE's Surface Technologies Laboratory came out with an announcement that they will be using a technology called "cold spray" for their own enhanced version of 3D printing known as "3D painting," which is in the advanced stages of development.