Sean Farrell
As an undergraduate student, I never thought I would get the incredible opportunity to become a summer intern at the GE Global... Read More »
Ankit Kalani
Heat is a byproduct of operating electronics. If not managed properly, it can severely affect the reliability and performance of... Read More »
Vince Epperson
You’ve probably heard about Big Data, the Industrial Internet and the (Industrial) Internet of Things.  There are many areas... Read More »
Danielle Merfeld, Ph.D.
Vice President Joseph Biden joined New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in Rochester, New York today to announce a new Integrated Photonics... Read More »
Vikram Damodaran
Healthcare is a niche sector and therefore innovation has often been restricted to those people who are already a part of the... Read More »
Norman Turnquist
Hopefully you’ve seen the recent blog post by my colleague Seyed Saddoughi on the ECO ROTR, explaining the concept’s origins... Read More »
Seyed Saddoughi
For more than a decade now, I have been fortunate to get a chance every couple of months to meet with VP for Advanced Technology... Read More »
Bruno Betoni Parodi
In my previous Edison’s Desk blog entry I spoke about the challenges of going into deep sea exploration and the implications of... Read More »
Xiangli Chen, Ph.D.
15 years is nothing but a fleeting moment. I can still recall the day when a 10-member GE China technology team settled in... Read More »
Aymer Maturana
Water scarcity is a problem that already affects many regions around the world. It can be said that every single country in each... Read More »
Vin Smentkowski
I am a research chemist and my field of research is surface characterization using a technique called Time of Flight Secondary... Read More »
Alice Pinney
Interning at a place where innovation meets creativity has been a dream come true for me. Being an intern at GE Global... Read More »
Luiz Felipe Willcox
It was a Friday evening in the spring of 1994 and I was going out for a pizza with my old man. I had just received my degree in... Read More »
Raymond Murphy
Each year the US oil and gas industry generates around one trillion gallons of produced water as a byproduct of oil and gas... Read More »
Kathleen O'Brien
Most of us only think about circuit breakers when one trips because we plugged in too many appliances and then tried to also run... Read More »
Guoshuang Cai
GE Healthcare’s Beijing plant is one of the largest factories producing computed tomography (CT) systems in the world. More... Read More »
Craig Galligan
In 2014, the bioelectrics team was tasked with exploring the neural probe technical space and identifying paths of interest. A... Read More »
Lynn DeRose
Hi everyone, from BBQ to robots all in the same week! This past weekend I had the privilege to volunteer at the FIRST™ Robotics... Read More »