Steven Gustafson

Knowledge Discovery Laboratory Manager
Computational Sciences & Architectures
“I love solving hard problems, the large-scale engineering challenges GE takes on and working with passionate, driven people. I’m lucky to have all three things.”
–Steven Gustafson

Ask Steven what he sees in the future and he envisions a world of increasingly autonomous connected machines, devices and robotics that make the world a better place. “Data, analytics and knowledge research will be a huge component, so I am very excited to be working in those spaces,” he says.

A Life of Learning

Steven credits his father—a professor of computer science—and mother for instilling a love of learning that he’s passed along to his own children. His love of reading ranges from literature to other scientific disciplines.

And Steven’s field of study is on the leading edge of learning, too. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to knowledge representation and semantics, he’s pushing the boundaries to increase the sharing of knowledge in numerous applications.

Extra Credit, Extra Effort

“Being successful often means putting in extra effort and time, and if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you won’t go that extra mile,” Steven says, pointing to his experiences on a winning college robotics team, co-authoring award-winning papers with a colleague and being selected as one of IEEE Intelligent Systems’ AI Top 10 to Watch.

He notes that recognition only came after the teams put forth exceptional effort to accomplish their goals—and that, in turn, has affected his approach to his current work. “It helped me realize the importance of celebrating and recognizing the effort that colleagues put forth on projects,” he says.