Zhye Yin

Electrical Engineer
CT, X-ray & Functional Imaging

“Motherhood is one of the toughest projects I’ve ever worked on, but certainly one of the most interesting.”

–Zhye Yin

“Having had asthma as a kid, I always admire doctors who help sick people,” Zhye says. “As an electrical engineer, I choose to work in medical imaging since I believe that I’m making a direct impact on people’s lives every day.”

And she sees the opportunity for the computed tomography (CT) technology she works on to help people even more directly in the coming years. “CT scans will be customized just for you,” Zhye says. “They’ll cater to your specific disease and condition while delivering the lowest x-ray radiation needed to provide excellent diagnostic image quality.”

Organization and Persistence

Zhye performs a delicate balancing act between her work and her role as a new mother and a continuing MBA student. Building on her success as a project leader, she’s looking forward to seeing her long-term program turn in to something tangible.

“Getting your technology into the business is a one-of-a-kind experience you never forget,” Zhye explains. She points out that, from her stage in projects, it can be some time before the resulting products go to market through GE Healthcare.

And in the meantime, Zhye is working with her colleagues to identify related needs and opportunities to create spin-offs from early-stage successes.