Sundeep Kumar

Senior Scientist
Ceramics Synthesis & Processing

“I leverage the experience and network I have built over the years working with some of the finest minds at GE to help me solve tough technical problems for GE.”

–Sundeep Kumar

Sundeep Kumar is a proven innovator, receiving both the highest individual award that Global Research gives for early technical excellence (Hull Award, in 2013) and the highest team award that Global Research gives for a technical achievement that has not yet realized its full impact on a GE business (Whitney Award, in 2010 for the Durathon Battery).

So it’s no wonder that the self-described “curious, innovative and proactive” researcher thrives on technical challenges and the opportunities they present to develop unique IP for GE.

Since joining Global Research in 2007, Sundeep has focused on material joining, a key technology for energy storage devices such as the Durathon Battery and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). His initial experience developing robust glass seal and ceramic materials, and later advanced ceramic-material joining technology, for the Durathon Battery has expanded into developing next-generation thermal barrier coating (TBC) materials for GE turbines and other GE products.

Discovering new materials for thermal barrier coatings presents an enormous challenge – and fuels Sundeep’s creative energy - for two specific reasons: lack of clear rules around inventing materials, and an already crowded IP space. Developing new IP for GE, along with guidelines to discover new materials, leverages Sundeep’s depth of expertise and the networks he has developed to help solve the tough technical challenges the GE businesses are facing.

Looking toward the future, Sundeep predicts that digitization will be the enabler for rapid materials innovation, driving innovation and considerably reducing the time for technology to make it to market. As for the present, when he’s not thinking about his work, he’s thinking about his family, with teaching, playing cricket and badminton with his children taking top priority.