Roy Primus

Senior Principal Engineer
Combustion Systems

“What motivates me is my curiosity and quest for understanding why things do what they do.”

–Roy Primus

It’s a career for which he has been rewarded on multiple fronts. In 2001, he was named a SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Fellow, for technical contributions to the engine research community; in 2005 he was a member of the Dushman Team that was recognized for work in the Tier 2 Evolution locomotive; and in 2012 he was honored with the Global Research Tony Nerad Technical Achievement Award, for sustained technical contributions over a career.

A thirst for knowledge

While Roy admits that it’s nice to be recognized for his efforts to advance technology, what is more rewarding is having the opportunity to build a body of knowledge around physical phenomena, to see that knowledge impact products, and “to know that I made a difference.”

Going forward, he’s excited about the continued development of computation and experiment capabilities that are providing a growing understanding of internal combustion engines. He’s also intrigued with evolving engine architectures and combustion concepts. Learning more about both dovetails with his unending quest to develop more efficient engines with even lower emissions.

Outside of work, Roy loves to play with computers and digital cameras. In this arena, his curiosity has transported him into the field of stereo photography, where he has been exploring a variety of digital imaging techniques.