Robert Perry

Senior Chemist
Fuels & Emissions

“Chemistry is evolving into a multidisciplinary area encompassing biology, material science and physics—and that’s contributing to advances in healthcare.”

–Robert Perry

When Robert isn’t in the lab, there’s a good chance he’s outdoors exploring the trails or the waves. Indoors, though, he’s tenaciously pursuing reduced CO2 emissions with his team, looking to make a huge impact in protecting the planet and driving growth for GE.

Success Builds Success

New chemistries that drive novel ways to make high-performance polymers. Controlled-release fragrances. Designing molecules for efficient CO2 capture. Those are the things Robert counts as his most prized accomplishments. And he doesn’t deny what they have in common.

“All these successes required hard work,” he says. “That same energy is applied to the programs I am working on now.”

An Inquisitive Eye for Detail

Robert’s career has spanned a range of projects. Experiences in polyetherimide resins, infrared transparent polymers, tire and fuel additives and holographic storage media have given way to a focus on CO2 capture from coal-fired power plants. Now, along with a team of engineers he describes as “outstanding,” Robert is poised to bring two novel processes to pilot scale, increasing the efficient capture of this greenhouse gas.