Rick Arthur

Senior Principal Engineer/Director
Advanced Computing

“I am hard-wired to want to fix things and find solving real problems tremendously satisfying.”

–Rick Arthur

Rick Arthur is a problem solver. Not just for the problems he encounters in his work at Global Research, but for the problems that others expect him to be able to solve as well.

And he’s fine with that, because he works with a world-class and technically diverse team to help him imagine novel solutions - not just for today’s concerns, but foreseeing the future’s challenges as well.

That “can-do” confidence comes from the long-standing partnerships he has built up with like-minded technologists and the profound value he places in those partnerships. At the same time, he recognizes that having built a reputation as a problem solver, he personally needs to stay vigilant over fast-changing technologies that others expect him to understand.

“Future thinking” is something that is engrained in Rick. When citing his three most significant accomplishments, all aimed to bring the future into the present. One was building a cutting-edge GE-internal eCommerce framework in the dot-com era. A second was curation and promotion of a 20-year future vision for computing technology for GE and Lockheed-Martin, while a third involved advocacy and adoption by GE of a high-end computing strategy for modeling and simulation.

Asked about computing 50 years from now, Rick cautions that unlike almost anything else in human experience, the exponential pace of advancement in this field make that virtually impossible to imagine. So while “artificial intelligence” advances receive deserved attention, Rick posits the more exciting developments will be in how humans and machines work together using the particular strengths of each. This could be in augmenting human perception, memory, and physical capabilities or even in analysis and synthesis of information, knowledge, and discovery.

Outside of work, Rick loves to feed his kids’ voracious appetites to learn, explore this “amazing planet we live on and its geographic and cultural wonders,” and use his imagination to travel to other speculative worlds in books, movies, and games.