Peter de Bock

Mechanical Engineer
Thermal Systems

“When you do things you enjoy and are curious about, you can do your work with a level of excitement that allows you to do great things.”

–Peter de Bock

“There are so many exciting things to be explored,” Peter says. “Coming into work and solving a challenge one step at a time is exciting and motivating.”

It’s no wonder that adventurous is a word Peter uses to describe himself. Whether he’s sailing, traveling or rolling out a new technology like dual piezoelectric cooling jets, Peter is passionate about being on the cutting edge.

Exciting Solutions

Peter has already led a large Avionics Thermal Management program and developed a successful high-acceleration (high g) vapor chamber experiment at the Air Force Research Laboratory. Now, he’s looking ahead to a time when faster, cheaper, smaller chips have a place in almost every consumer and industrial product—and they need thermal management solutions compatible with those environments.