Mark Vermilyea

Mechanical Engineer

“I enjoy the technical and interpersonal challenges of working across research and development teams to solve complicated interdisciplinary problems.”

–Mark Vermilyea

Mark’s view of the future? It doesn’t center around a particular technology. Instead, the prioritization of world economies around the good of the whole captures his attention. For an engineer focused on multidisciplinary solutions, the need for contributions from all facets of society is clear.

The holder of 50 patents, a member of the team that developed GE’s earliest magnetic resonance technology and team leader on Passport 20 fan cases from inception to launch, Mark actively seeks out projects where his role is close to the product rollout.

Climbing Full Circle

An avid hiker and Adirondack 46er, Mark has climbed to the highest peaks in his field and is helping the next generation do the same, whether at work or as a mentor in the community. As he does, he’s also returning to his roots in MR technology while continuing to work in composites fabrication—and after a number of years developing x-ray source technology.

The Energy to Help Out

“I’m motivated by knowing that my thoughts and actions can make a difference in people’s lives by continuing to improve the diversity and performance of product offerings,” Mark says.

As an example, Mark points to the 3 Tesla head-only MRI system, which could have a significant impact on brain imaging, a significant portion of MR procedures. He also points to composite parts his team is developing to improve engines’ fuel efficiency and reliability and enable deep-water oil and gas production.