Joseph Vinciquerra

Senior Engineer & Manager
Ceramic & Metallurgy

“Never before have I been a part of such a dedicated, collaborative effort, spanning such a large portion of the company. It’s truly an amazing time to be working on next-generation materials.

–Joseph Vinciquerra


“I have an unrelenting desire to advance technology. Pure and simple. The work I’m doing right now feeds perfectly into that drive because we’re working to understand the behavior of materials that have never before been successfully developed at the scale and to the measures we’re aiming to accomplish.”

Changing the industrial landscape

“The work” that Joseph Vinciquerra is doing is around advancing capabilities in complex material systems, such as high-performance superalloys and ceramic-based structural materials, work that Joseph says “is truly poised to change the industrial landscapes where our aviation and energy-related products live.” And the lab he manages plays a crucial role in these efforts while, at the same time, being just one piece of a sprawling mosaic.

As an undergraduate student, Joseph first had the opportunity to conduct research in the field of composite materials. Later, as a graduate student, he honed his skills in applying critical thinking and intellectual rigor toward establishing scientific fact and making engineering decisions; key traits for making a real impact in the technology sector and ones he continues to use today.

Pushing the boundaries

Joseph said the work he does plays into what he considers his three key attributes: bold, curious and perseverant. To move the ball, he said, researchers need to be inquisitive, rigorous, tenacious, and collaborative. “We must always press on the boundaries of technology and we cannot be discouraged easily if we are going to make a difference,” he said. “Most importantly, we cannot work alone – only in strong, dynamic teams are we able to make the big breakthroughs.”

Outside of work, Joseph is an avid runner and cyclist and has been participating in these sports for more than 20 years. His two sons also benefit from Joseph’s love of research, as spending time with them and helping them explore the world around them is one of his favorite pastimes.