Joseph Salvo

Industrial Internet Consortium

“The next generation of connectivity and parallel computing platforms will enable computing systems that begin to exhibit significant awareness and a type of artificial consciousness.”

–Joseph Salvo


A global perspective colors Joe’s approach to life and work. He appreciates the Internet of Things. And Chinese language and culture. The economics of innovation. And high-performance racing vehicles.

A Strategic Mind

Joe is persistently pursuing the opportunity to ignite the next industrial revolution by connecting minds and machines around the globe. It’s the next evolution in a career that has already been marked by the launch of a series of internet-based businesses that create value-added services from the analysis of large data streams generated by objects and sensors.

“I’m motivated to create high-performance teams that will achieve disruptive technology and business platforms for GE,” Joe says.

Ever an Entrepreneur

Beyond his involvement in shaping the vision of the Industrial Internet at GE and further afield, Joe takes pride in the work he’s done to further GE’s businesses. Developing systems to produce high-performance polymers from genetically engineered organisms using renewable feedstocks, for example. Or, more saliently, launching about nine GE businesses that have tracked more than a trillion dollars on four continents for some of the biggest names in industry and consumer products.