Jeffrey Schoonover

Materials Engineer
Ceramics & Metallurgy

“Strive for complete and thorough understanding of everything you come across, and success will follow.”

–Jeffrey Schoonover

“Don’t study just enough to pass the test or take any other shortcuts to understanding both the big picture and the details,” Jeffrey says, summing up his approach to work—and even to a recent experience on jury duty.

Jeffrey, who primarily works with welding and brazing metallurgy, notes that alloys may change, but there is always a need to join materials and to make those joints stronger. “We name periods in history after materials that were used. Think stone age, bronze age, iron age. Some people even refer to the present as the silicon age,” he explains. “We have enough analytical and computing power now that the next big discovery may be just around the corner.”

Changing the World

For Jeffrey, the world itself is inspiration—in any season. And making personal and technical connections with his colleagues contributes to his enjoyment of working on technologies that improve the world. Of course, he says, he shares his colleagues’ drive to see the advanced technologies they are developing used successfully in GE products.

“I inherited a fascination with business and economics from my parents,” Jeffrey explains. “ It led me into a career in industrial research and development rather than basic research at a university.”