Ismail Sezal

Research Engineer
Turbomachinery Aero

“The technology landscape is rapidly changing. We must always be learning and adapting to changes to stay ahead.”

–Ismail Sezal

Ismail loves a challenge. Whether he is coming up with the next big idea, impacting an existing product and delivering customer satisfaction, or improving his knowledge and skills through constant learning, reading and communication, Ismail is passionate about staying ahead of the competition.

That passion is evident in two of his major accomplishments. The first was leading Global Research’s efforts to improve turbomachinery components of the Oil & Gas compression products through design, development and testing in his Munich lab. The second is being involved in GE’s next big move in the Oil & Gas industry through development of a next generation multi-phase pumping system.

Keeping ahead of the curve
Ismail relishes that change, and keeping ahead of current trends, is at the heart of GE’s success. He also prides himself on being able to apply his knowledge to a multitude of applications or industries, including Aviation, Power & Water, or Oil & Gas, where he worked on similar technologies but targeted to different products.

A self-described “tech geek,” Ismail also credits his colleagues for spurring his accomplishments. “What’s most important is team work,” he says, “and Global Research offers a great environment filled with very talented and nice people who are always eager to help and be involved.”

Looking forward, Ismail envisions a “cleaner, greener” world where it will be easier and more efficient to generate and distribute power even to the most distant and harsh places. A world where, in 50 years, GE will be able to supply the world with clean and affordable energy. In his personal world, Ismail can be found biking in the summer, skiing in the winter, and traveling the universe through science fiction and reading about space exploration.