Fiona Ginty

High Value Diagnostics Biology Platform Leader
Life Sciences & Molecular Diagnostics

“Working on any long-term project requires patience, perseverance and most importantly a great team.”

–Fiona Ginty

“I have a passion for talking to others and finding out as much as I can about their interests and challenges,” Fiona says. That passion carries through to her work in disease research, which spans time in Switzerland, the UK, The Gambia and the United States.

Ideas Become Solutions

Fiona derives her energy by taking ideas and turning them into practical solutions that help patients and physicians. That includes navigating the sensitive peer-review process to have her work published, working on MultiOmyx™ technology from its beginnings to its market launch and helping develop and test a new biomarker technology platform against multiple cancers.

The Road Taken

Culture, art, food and work have all let Fiona travel the world. And she’s taken critical lessons from her experiences. Studying nutrition, bone metabolism and osteoporosis in Europe, she became sensitive to the challenges of doing productive, effective research with dispersed collaborators.

“The importance of a shared vision and common goals in a multidisciplinary team can’t be understated,” she says.

The common goal ahead? For Fiona, it’s gaining deeper insight into the causes of disease and the differences between patients in order to develop better-targeted prevention and therapeutic strategies. She also sees the opportunity to create new computing solutions to answer the results of real-time monitoring and the early prediction of therapy response.