Amol Kolwalkar

Senior Engineer
Control & Optimization Systems

“What motivates me is the thrill and anticipation of finding something that was not previously identified.”

–Amol Kolwalkar

Amol Kolwalkar epitomizes the GE Belief “deliver results in an uncertain world.” He thrills in being able to discover something and then put it in the customers’ hands. In his field of work – electrical technologies with some specialization in power systems - the outcome is not typically defined. So “delivering results” entails understanding the end goal, the benefits associated with that goal, and being able to navigate to find the shortest path to reach that goal.

Amol also embraces the GE Belief that “customers determine our success” as evidenced by two significant interactions he had with customers: demonstrating novel technologies such as phase identification and voltage sensing at customer premises, and evaluating the techno-economic feasibility of biomass-based decentralized power generation systems for the Indian market. These experiences helped him understand the role technology plays in meeting customers’ requirements, recognize constraints from a market perspective, and foresee the challenges and unmet needs his customers face.

Amol relishes challenges that keep him growing technically as well, especially those that take him outside him comfort zone and provide opportunities to gain a broader perspective on the benefits of technology in multiple fields.

As for the future, Amol envisions a world with any number of new sources of renewable energy. The challenge? To generate, transmit and use these energy sources as efficiently and reliably as possible without negatively impacting the environment.

Outside of work, Amol loves playing with his children, traveling and enjoying local culinary delights. And when he has time, reading novels and watching science-based documentaries and shows are also on his plate.