Alok Srivastava

Principal Scientist
Energy Storage & Conversion Materials Technologies

“There is always a question to be answered. That is, 'What will be the next innovation?'”

–Alok Srivastava

Curiosity. For Alok Srivastava, that’s the driving force behind his award-winning work developing next-generation luminescent materials (phosphors and scintillators) with applications in several GE businesses.

“I like the satisfaction I get from contributing novel ideas and inventions,” he explains. “To see these ideas grow and ultimately develop into GE products is quite thrilling.”

Creative Thinking

The love of continually learning new things is constant for Alok at work and at home. His childhood in India spices up his cooking experiments and sparks his love of travel. In much the same way, the diversity of technology at GE Global Research inspires Alok to pursue greater knowledge—leading him to publish more than 100 papers and file more than 100 patents so far.

Bold Pursuits

A glance at Alok’s bookshelves, where true-crime and thriller novels sit alongside scientists’ biographies, bring his focus on courage and passion for discovery into focus. As Alok points out, “In lighting, we’ve evolved from the candle to incandescence to fluorescent to LED and OLED. The world will always need light-generating materials, but I’m excited that they will be very different in the future from what we know and use today.”