Adnan Bohori

Electromagnetic Systems

“Every day is new, filled with unknowns and different challenges.”

–Adnan Bohori

Adnan Bohori likes to think out of the box. Whether it’s working with his team in Bangalore to build a new technology space for electrical machines, explore ways to build commercial applications for contactless power transfer, or research the next stages of advanced diagnostic systems using electrical current signature analysis, he casts a wide and creative net to pioneer solutions and break boundaries.

One of the solutions of which he is most proud is “Arc Vault.” This unique idea to absorb arc flash stops an arcing fault in a fraction of the time that traditional systems need to stop a flash - reducing the potential for serious injury and minimizing stress on transformers, circuit breakers, and other equipment. Arc Vault won Plant Engineering magazine’s 2011 Product of the Year award.

He also pioneered efforts on contactless power transfer. This technology, which was initiated at GRC Bangalore and has the potential for application across GE businesses, is now considered “best in class” with more than 92% efficiency for 15 cm separation. More than 15 patents have been filed in this space.

With 11 years of experience in his core areas of expertise in contactless power and arc energy management for low and medium voltage circuit breakers, Adnan still sees each day as an opportunity to make a new discovery. He envisions a future filled with technologies that will change the footprint and intelligence of electrical machines and circuit breakers in ways not even imagined. “It never feels like I’m traveling the same path.”