Mon, 14 Aug 2017

A cornerstone of the GE Software Center efforts to advance the Industrial Internet is Predix™, GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet. Predix was developed over the last three years and was first announced publicly at GE’s Minds+Machines conference in Chicago, Illinois, in October 2013.

Predix enables asset and operations optimization by providing a standard way to run industrial-scale analytics and connect machines, data, and people. Deployed on machines, on premise, or in the cloud, Predix combines an industry-leading stack of technologies for distributed computing and big data analytics, asset management, machine-to-machine communication, and mobility.

Predix is optimized for machine-to-machine   communications, analytics on  large industrial data sets,  and industrial asset performance management, seamlessly scaling from the smallest device to the largest high-performance compute cloud.

GE is not currently licensing Predix directly to end customers. Rather, Predix is the enabling technology that powers GE  Predictivity™ solutions. Visit to learn more.

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