What Was There Before the Big Bang?

Chief Scientist Jim Bray discusses how scientists know that space is expanding and what hypotheses surround the big bang.


  1. Ron

    Your second answer is pretty disingenuous. No lay person is expecting a hard, scientific answer when they ask “What happened before the big bang?” They are looking for possibility. They may be looking for inspiration, for a bored or lazy mind does not ask such questions. It’s understandable that you may not want to put forth any speculation that may be taken as theory or law, but it’s equally as damaging in some cases to put forth a rather unexciting answer to an extremely interesting question. Perhaps a better way to address this question would have to bring in a philosopher who could speak to a few ideas heavily grounded in science instead of just saying, “No one knows.”

  2. Ron

    If we know the universe is expanding, can’t we know in which direction the universe is expanding? As for reference point, the reference point would be in relation to Earth.

    Am I just being simple?