GE’s China Technology Center Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation “In China for China”

Unveils Visionary Technology Blueprint called “The Next List”

Shanghai, China, 5 June 2015 — GE China Technology Center (CTC) today unveiled ‘The Next List’ – GE’s visionary innovation blueprint for tackling China’s major challenges. A culmination of 15 years of research and innovation in China, the blueprint focuses on five major themes transforming the country: The Industrial Internet, Brilliant Factory, Blue Sky Everywhere, Approachable Healthcare and Move Anytime.

The Next List was announced during the 15th Anniversary of GE China Technology Center June 5, 2015, celebrating a journey of innovations inspired by the heart of China. The milestone event was attended by Mr. Ding Lei, Vice District Mayor of Pudong New Area; Dr. Xiangli Chen, GE Global Vice President, and President of GE China Technology Center; strategic partners and associates; as well as key members of the media.

GE CTC is one of the largest and earliest independent research centers opened by an overseas company in China. Operational since 2000, today it is an integral part of GE’s Global Research network. Located at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, GE CTC is a multi-disciplinary center creating market-leading innovations and products and conducting breakthrough research, engineering development, and sourcing for GE’s diverse businesses across the world.

Dr. Xiangli Chen, GE Global Vice President and President of GE China Technology Center, commented: “We would like to share the success of GE China Technology Center with the local governments, communities, customers and strategic partners, as well as our dedicated staff, and thank them for their unwavering support through the years. Looking ahead, we’ll continue to tap into GE’s wealth of innovation spanning over a century, as well as our in-depth understanding of domestic market needs, to develop cutting-edge research and innovations in the areas of industrial internet and advanced manufacturing. At the advent of a new industrial age, we will work together to create bluer skies, clearer water, better healthcare and more convenient transportation that will benefit everyday lives.”

GE Next List Redefines Future of Technology

GE CTC’s Next List maps out key technology directions as China enters a new phase of sustained, innovation-driven development. “Internet +” and “Made in China 2025” are twin engines that will continue to spur the nation’s industrial transformation. As China accelerates its pace of development, it will face its share of challenges including air quality issue, water shortages, an aging society, uneven distribution of medical resources, and more.

GE’s technology blueprint aims to address some of these challenges. Adopting a diversified, cross-industry approach, GE CTC will tap into accumulated research and the advantages of cloud, mobile terminals, big data and other emerging technologies. Key points in the blueprint are as follows:

Industrial Internet

Machines will help us make smarter decisions, by talking with us and with each other. Big data collection, processing and analysis facilitate smart and far-sighted decisions that will exponentially enhance efficiencies in the industrial arena.

Brilliant Factory

With the cloud’s help, we will print any part, anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly merging manufacturing technology with artificial intelligence will bring about an unprecedented level of production, thereby creating a living manufacturing eco-system.

Blue Sky Everywhere

Future power generation and water treatment technologies will be highly energy-efficient to reduce the depletion of natural resources and lower environmental pollution. New forms of reliable and efficient energy sources and technologies will be made widely available.

Approachable Healthcare

A focus on the tomorrow of healthcare technology, from prevention to accurate diagnosis, to optimize treatments and the use of medical resources. Having medical technology at your fingertips will no longer be just a dream.

Move Anytime

New technologies to make large-scale transportation safe, fast and economical.


GE’s China Technology Center – the core of GE’s innovation engine in China

Today, the GE CTC is a core engine fueling the GE Group’s growth in China and around the world. Staffed by 3,000 top researchers, the CTC’s fields of study span medical technology, water treatment, energy, aviation, lighting and more. GE CTC does not simply adapt technology from its US headquarters. Instead, researchers are encouraged to focus on what can best satisfy the specific needs of Chinese consumers.

GE CTC is committed to its revolutionary “In China, For China” approach towards developing unique solutions to support research and development growth in China and around the world. Today, the center is a hub attracting research elites as well as a bustling training ground to enhance knowledge and skills, which will serve rapidly evolving needs around the world.


About GE China Technology Center

GE China Technology Center, founded in 2000, is one of GE’s nine global research and innovation centers. The China Technology Center has 3,000 researchers and world-class laboratories located in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Xian and Wuxi. GE China Technology Center provides comprehensive support for GE’s “In China For China” R&D projects and its global businesses.