Technology & Discovery at Shanghai

Connect with sustainable infrastructure and healthcare technologies introduced to the world through GE’s “In China for China” strategy.

Featured Technologies

Areas of Research Concentration

  • Subsystem, local interface design and field validation testing of China’s Mainline locomotives
  • Site nonconformity resolution and fixed- and variable-speed drive system solutions for West-to-East pipelines and downstream projects
  • In China for China and global wastewater and reuse projects using membranes, biodetection and analysis
  • Ensuring Chinese-manufactured aviation components comply with GE specifications from U.S. sourcing
  • Providing supplier evaluation, special process control and first article inspection for Aviation Mechanical Systems
  • Integrating the ARJ21 China Regional Jet engine and aircraft through design study, problem resolution and component/rig test and certification/flight testing
  • Strengthening automation product expertise to drive market growth in China and around the world
  • Delivering comfortable and convenient electrical protection and control for global and Asian applications
  • Supporting the China gasification licensing business and driving China wind turbine development
  • Global wind component design, optimization, qualification, site issue support and DMP project execution