Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With a focus on efficient and integrated systems, this center is challenging the status quo in established industries.

Visit the Careers page to search and apply for Global Research jobs in Rio de Janeiro. We also welcome robust participation in our work from a range of science and technology students. Find out more about Edison Internships and the Edison Engineering Development Program.

Featured Technologies

Areas of Research Concentration

  • Oil & Gas platform systems integration and analytics, subsea exploration and electrification, offshore processing, flexible risers and flow assurance
  • Power generation through thermochemical and biochemical processes, smart grids, sensing and monitoring, and advanced automation of electric networks
  • Healthcare systems integration, data analytics and network optimization
  • Optimization of transportation routes and performance, and port logistics integration
  • Avionic systems integration and air traffic control optimization
  • Mine-to-port solutions, and mine electrification, equipment monitoring and diagnosis
  • Environmentally responsible use of sugarcane-ethanol waste, such as biomass or effluents, for energy, biogas generation and gasification