Technology & Discovery at Niskayuna

Capture the momentum behind leading-edge technologies from advanced manufacturing to supercomputing at GE’s research headquarters.

Featured Technologies

Areas of Research Concentration

  • Manufacturing & Materials Technology develops high-performance components and manufacturing processes
  • Aero-Thermal Mechanical Systems focuses on solving the world’s toughest energy problems, primarily by developing advanced aircraft engines, steam and gas turbines, locomotives, next-generation renewable power and advanced models
  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering gains insights into chemical compositions and material properties that enable a broad spectrum of innovations, including energy storage, water treatment and disease diagnosis
  • Diagnostics & Biomedical Technologies provides groundbreaking diagnostic and patient monitoring solutions to physicians for improving patient care and increasing healthcare system efficiency
  • Electrical Technologies & Systems applies deep electrical domain expertise to develop applications supporting renewable power generation, grid technologies, electric drives, power distribution and controls
  • Software Sciences & Analytics brings together knowledge of data, analytics and computing to create advanced decision-making tools and software systems
  • Advanced Technologies works on GE’s longest-range, highest-impact research endeavors