Employee Organizations

  • GE Volunteers

    Our volunteers commit each year to multiple events such as teaching in schools or engaging with elderly people.


  • Girls’ Day

    Girls from different schools in and around Munich will have the possibility to experience science and technology and hands-on experiments during the nationwide Girls’ Day, a volunteers activity.

  • Innovation Roundtable Workshop

    During the workshop organized by the Copenhagen Business School, over 100 attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the breakthrough innovation at our research center and to discuss about industry-university collaborations.

  • Munich Company Run

    A GE team will participate in the run through the Olympic Park in Munich in July and compete against 30,000 other participants from other companies.

Local Color

Located in Garching on the campus of the acclaimed Technical University of Munich, our European center is easily accessible via the Munich Underground system.

Dubbed the land of “laptops and lederhosen,” Germany’s Bavaria region is the perfect home for GE Global Research–Europe. In Munich, new-world technology meets old-world traditions and architecture. The city’s central location offers easy access to neighboring cities and countries by train or car as well as hiking, biking and boating in the nearby German Alps.