Featured Technologies

Areas of Research Concentration

  • Energy: wind turbines and solar photovoltaics; thermal power plants and carbon-capture technologies; electrical machines and components; grid integration; system analysis and optimization; power conversion, transmission and distribution; heat-recovery solutions
  • Oil & Gas: centrifugal compressor technology, including turbo machinery aerodynamics and thermodynamics; electrical drives and controls
  • Electrical Systems and Electronics: embedded systems and ASIC design; mechatronics and robotics; drive trains for renewable and hybrid applications; controls strategies; system integration and modeling
  • Reciprocating Engines: gas- and diesel-engine technologies covering ignition, combustion, materials and thermal analysis, tribology, turbocharging and gas-exchange, and fuel and exhaust treatment processes
  • Healthcare: diagnostic imaging involving high-field magnetic resonance methods (MRI); metabolic imaging biomarkers; phase-contrast X-Ray; critical-care systems
  • Manufacturing: automated manufacturing of large-scale components for application in the aviation, oil and gas, and power-generation industries
  • Aviation: turbine and compressor aerodynamics, combustion aero design, thermal management and fire safety, and performance and operability for commercial aircraft engines and aero derivatives for marine and industrial applications