Featured Technologies

Areas of Research Concentration

  • Corrosion studies, industrial wastewater treatment and engineering analytics
  • Conceptual and mechanical design for CO2 compression in carbon capture and sequestration
  • Thermomechanical compressor design for applications from boil-off gas to advanced adiabatic compressed air
  • Higher-efficiency and environmentally friendly energy solutions, including fuel flexibility for gas turbines and Jenbacher engines, steam retrofit solutions, small oil and gas compressors and low-wind turbines
  • Advanced engineering analysis, material application development and product innovation
  • Designing low-voltage distribution and control products for the Indian market and for export
  • Development of high-power locomotives through technology enhancements and systems upgrades
  • Providing medical system products and services for CT, MR, molecular imaging, vascular, ultrasound, nuclear, x-ray, healthcare and patient monitoring
  • Design of commercial aircraft engines and aero derivative engines by analysis of advanced engineering simulations and tools
  • Development of an advanced compressor, TAPS II combustor and turbine as part of eCore technologies for the LEAPx, NG34 and TechX next-generation engines