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Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Founded: 2015
Employees: 15
Focus Areas: Material Characterization, Combustion and Fuels, Data Analytics
Fun Fact: The entire Center was built from the ground up in only nine months, as part of GE’s $1 Billion commitment to Saudi Arabia.

Van Buren, USA

Founded: 2011
Business Focus: Aviation
Focus Areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Software, IT

Tirat Carmel, Israel

Founded: 2011
Employees: 6
Focus Areas: Healthcare, Energy, Software Analytics, Cyber Security, Advanced Manufacturing
Fun Fact:

Niskayuna, USA

Founded: 1900
Employees: 2,000
Focus Areas: All
Fun Fact: Created equipment for the first radio (1906) and TV (1928) broadcasts

Bangalore, India

Founded: 2000
Employees: 5,000
Focus Areas: All
Fun Fact: 22,000 trees and shrubs of 180 species on campus

Shanghai, China

Founded: 2000
Employees: 1,500
Focus Areas: All
Fun Fact: Employees compete in dragon-boat racing

Munich, Germany

Founded: 2003
Employees: 250
Focus Areas: All
Fun Fact: More than 40 nationalities among employees

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Founded: 2011
Employees: 160
Focus Areas: Smart, Bioenergy and Offshore & Subsea Systems, and Software & Productivity Analytics
Fun Fact: 16% of scientists are Brazilians returning from jobs abroad

Oklahoma City, USA

Founded: 2013
Employees: 100
Focus Areas: Oil & Gas
Fun Fact: The first Global Research Center dedicated to a single industry