Eric Ruggiero

Thermal Research Engineer
Thermal Systems
“My motivation is simple. I want GE to have the best performing, most efficient engines on the planet. And, I want my team to grow and have fun while meeting that challenge.”
–Eric Ruggiero

Dedication. Competition. Humility. For Eric, those three words span his approach to his family’s well being, his hobbies (and beloved sports teams) and his work in gas-turbine heat transfer.

Over the last decade, Eric has applied his background in mechanical engineering to smart structures, dynamics and controls, sealing technology, gas turbines and centrifugal compressors, turbomachinery and the cooling flow circuit right through to cooling distribution on blades and nozzles.

“I love the mix of computational and experimental work that my team has grown over the past 2.5 years,” Eric says. “Looking back, interviewing for this position and taking a chance was the absolute best decision I could have made.”

Sharing the Wealth

Eric frequently draws on lessons learned through previous—and seemingly unrelated—experiences in mentoring the next generation and his current team. “I push my teams to fail early and often,” he says, “as this leads to more robust solutions faster.”

Eric notes that his first accomplishment at GE was actually the very public failure of seal hardware on a customer’s test compressor—which led to improvements that made the equipment the best in its class. He’s applied that experience in building intelligence into the heart of turbomachinery and the initiation and fulfillment of a large-scale aviation rig effort, among other successes.

Next, Eric sees additive manufacturing making a tremendous impact on cooling schemes for gas turbines whose bypass ratios and firing temperatures continue to increase. “There’s a lot of work to be done,” Eric says.