Science Fiction meets Science Future in Brazil

wattpadWhat happens when you put a sci-fi writer and a real-life scientist in the same (virtual) room and ask them to imagine the future? Original Science-Fiction stories inspired by the real science that’s happening in GE’s global labs, as told by GE’s budding GRC employees!

For our second installment of our #ScientistInResidence storytelling campaign on Wattpad, we’re going to GE’s Global Research Center (GRC) in Rio, Brazil with GE scientist Isela Macia Bertran to learn how GE’s using big data and computer science make industries more efficient.

Isela works on big data projects, combining principles from math and computer science in new ways. Why data science? She loves the “possibility to see the future” through this technology. To date, she’s used it to do some unexpected things, like analyze athletic performance to help Brazil’s canoeing team win their first medal ever at the 2016 Olympics.

Check out our story “Unpredictable” by @Rebeca_Soares, one of Wattpad’s authors and let us know what you think: English Portuguese.

Read more from Isela below:

  • What she likes about working with big data: Isela loves making sense of all the information that’s coming in. She especially like simulating future events and scenarios, which helps scientists understand what the data is trying to tell them.
  • On how she got into big data: Isela says it all started in grade school when she began falling in love with computer science and math classes.
  • Why she thinks big data is so exciting: It’s a real opportunity to solve real problems with a larger group. For Isela, a masters or PhD program is something you’re doing by yourself; once you’re on a large project, she says you’re facing bigger problems and need to work engineers, customer and your colleagues to solve these big problems.
  •  Which software studies fascinate Isela the most: Isela is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence. The possibility of performing minimally invasive surgeries, exploring other planets, or artificially building organs and prostheses is a delight, as is the development of autonomous and collaborative machines.
  • How big data can change our life in the near future: Industrial processes will be faster, and identifying problems instantly will be an everyday thing. Still, the problem-solving strategy will be automated, and we will act strongly with predictive analysis, avoiding problems before they happen, which reduces downtime in industrial production. With this, we cannot escape the fact that the industry will be increasingly dependent on data and analytics.
  • On women in science: Isela is proud to be working in a technical field and firmly believes that working together in a diverse team helps to deliver on some of the most important technological advancements.
  • Something that more people should know about the GRC: It’s an incredibly unique network that brings together lots of fields of study searching for new technology solutions for different GE businesses and customers. In other words, she loves her work at the GRC because it allows her to help solve real problems with a big, interdisciplinary team.