Global Research and GE Capital: Middle Market Collaboration

In 2013, a partnering initiative between Global Research and GE Capital resulted in dozens of middle market companies collaborating with Global Research on technology and manufacturing challenges.

Global Research has long established relationships with university research labs, government agencies and other global corporations to work together on difficult challenges facing the engineering community. These partnerships have been critical in developing next generation GE technology and solutions. The collaboration with GE Capital opens a new channel for Global Research technologists to tap into expertise in the middle market, while demonstrating that GE Capital not only lends money to middle market companies, but helps these companies build better businesses.

The collaboration begins with researchers sharing project needs with GE Capital. Commercial and technology leaders then identify companies owned by GE Capital’s private equity clients that may have the expertise our researchers are seeking. The partnership that comes out of this collaboration is one of the following:

  • A manufacturing/supplier partnership. A company has the expertise to scale something engineered at Global Research, or has an existing product with the required specifications
  • A technology partnership. A company and GE each contribute to develop a new product
  • A license/commercialization agreement. A company becomes a commercial partner for technology developed at Global Research

Working with GE Capital, we can find great partners in new places and expand our growing global innovation network to accelerate new technologies and products that the world needs most.