Breakthrough: The Stories Behind the Science

GE Global Research has been home to many breakthroughs – from the first digital x-ray to the advent of ceramic matrix composites. A television series premiering this fall, the product of a partnership between GE and the National Geographic Channel, will celebrate some of the breakthroughs that are destined to change our lives in the future. Two Global Research scientists – John Schenck and Fiona Ginty – will be featured in the six-part series, “Breakthrough.

Schenck, a physicist and physician who has worked on MR technology for GE since the 1970s, will be featured in an episode that looks at the amazing ways science is unlocking the mysteries of the brain. The episode, “Decoding the Brain,” will air on Nov. 15 and features a new technique he is working on that uses MR technology to visualize iron deposits and then study an area deep inside the brain, the habenula. That region of the brain may be linked to depression.

Ginty, the High Value Diagnostics Platform Leader, works on Multiomyx technology. She will be featured in an episode of the series called “The Age of Aging,” which airs on Nov. 29 and is focused on the science of extending the human life. The Multiomyx technology Ginty has helped develop can be used to better diagnose diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s which could lead to improved outcomes, and longer lives, for patients.

Four other “Breakthrough” episodes will focus on dealing with pandemics, expanding human potential through machines, water, and the future of energy. Each hour-long episode includes interviews with GE experts and a look at GE technology as well as many other experts from around the world. The series is scheduled to premiere in November.

Watch this special behind-the-scenes video about the researchers behind the breakthrough science: