Innovation in Brazil, Technology for the World

The Brazil Technology Center will serve as a hub for GE to engage with local customers on breakthrough technologies that benefit the world.


We are proud to announce the grand opening the Brazil Technology Center, our newest Global Research Center to join the GE global innovation network.

This magnificent new facility on the Ilha do Bom Jesus peninsula in Rio will serve as a central hub for GE to engage more directly with our local customers on technology. We are proud of the always open, 24/7 global research network built up over the past decade to support GE’s growth opportunities globally. The Brazil Technology Center will not only serve as a technology hub within the country; it will produce breakthrough technologies that benefit the world.

As a country, Brazil faces challenges in energy, aviation and transportation that are very much global challenges. They are all challenges our team in Brazil are out in front addressing.

Hover over the image below to discover how the Brazil Technology Center is innovating to solve these global challenges.

In the oil and gas industry, we’re focused on enabling the subsea factory, which would bring oil and gas processing right to the sea floor. The subsea factory takes some of the surface processing functions and moves them to the sea floor. New technologies that use subsea pumps and compressors will also increase recovery and could offer more economical oil field development with lower emissions. This reduces the capital and operating costs and minimizes the risks associated with having a manned platform out at sea. In Brazil, we are engaged in a number of programs with our oil & gas partners in the region.

Subsea Systems
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“Our new research center in Brazil will allow GE to innovate locally for our customers in Latin America and then export those innovations to the world,” said GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt.” Over the past decade, we have doubled down on our R&D investment and expanded our global network of research centers to address customers’ growing needs for breakthrough technology that we develop with them. We see significant growth opportunities in Latin America and having the best technology and solutions will ensure we maintain GE’s competitive edge.”

Luis Fernando Pezão, Governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro; Eduardo Paes, Mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro; Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE; Mauro Borges, Minister of Development, Industry & Trade
Eduardo Paes, Mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro and Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE