Why GE

Fostering curiosity and work that makes a big impact on the world. That’s how GE helps keep talented researchers motivated.


For our scientists, inspiration can come from a rock or a sunset or a supercomputer. But mostly it comes from our dream of what the future can be. A world that’s cleaner, greener, more efficient, more intelligent and more connected, where people have greater access to essentials like energy, water and healthcare. A better world.


GE Global Research is the cornerstone of GE technology. We’ve been honored to produce incredible breakthroughs for GE’s businesses for more than a century. And today, our researchers are creating the future of technology from all corners of the world, working on innovations in a collaborative research and open-idea environment, with opportunities to grow professionally and help make the world a better place.

Why I Work at GE

“I had an ideal job in mind. I wanted the perfect mix of advanced research, developing real technology for real products and working on lots of different things, and I was convinced that this ideal job didn’t exist. I came to find out about the Sensor & Signal Analytics Lab at GE Global Research. It sounded like the perfect fit for me and, after I started working here, it turned out to be even better.”

– Electrical Engineer, Sensor & Signal Analytics

“GE is amazingly diverse in its scope, but also incredibly focused in its approach to problem solving.”

– Mechanical Engineer, Turbine Heat Transfer Design

“At GE, you get diverse opportunities to learn, grow and excel, along with a sense of satisfaction that you are making a difference.”

– Mechanical Engineer, Vibration Technologies