Women Engineers Urge Young Girl to Pursue Engineering

In late January while at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, actress Emma Watson took questions on Twitter as a part of a campaign working to promote gender equality.

One of those questions came from a young girl with an interest in engineering. Watson’s eloquent response sparked an avalanche of encouragement from engineers around the world.

Female engineers from GE Global Research locations in Niskayuna, Munich, and Rio de Janeiro decided to weigh in, too.

Watch the video they helped create for some words of inspiration aimed at the next generation of female engineers:



  1. Frank Attwood, aka Thomas Edison

    This is so fantastic I can’t stand it!!! I have been involved in speaking to our youth from third graders to graduate students about having a future for The Future. I am absolutely amazed by the number of young girls almost outnumbering the boys by their enthusiasm for science and technology! One of the venues I perform in is the USA Science & Engineering Festival in D.C. GE has been involved from the beginning!

  2. Akiko Nishimoto

    As an engineer, I am very proud of GE inspiring girls around the world to become one!!! #beanengineer