I Want to See… the New Global Research Website

Today, we are excited to unveil the brand new GE Global Research website.  You can find this new web destination at geglobalresearch.com. The new site showcases our passion for innovation, highlights our people who push the limits of science and technology every day and allows you to engage directly with us. Moreover, our homepage presents an interactive way for you to find content based on your interests. Are you interested in game-changing technology? What about cool science? Do you want learn more about our world-class  technologists? The site will take you where you want to go.

Before you start exploring, we thought you might enjoy seeing what our scientists are most excited about sharing with the world…

Below we’ve highlighted five of the new features on our site that we’re most excited about. We hope you find our new website, fun, informative and engaging!

Meet our not-so-serious scientists and engineers who are doing some amazing things! View some of their patents and publications, see how they’re working to improve the world and hover over their faces for a fun surprise.

Edison’s Desk Blog
It wasn’t invented before the light bulb, but did you know that Edison’s Desk was GE’s first external blog? If you want to know what our scientists and engineers are thinking, this is the place to visit. We’ve added some cool new features, including the capability subscribing to exact topics, tags and people you care about most. You can find this feature within each blog post.

From the Carbon Filament Incandescent Lamp in 1879 to GE’s Software Platform Predix in 2013, we have served as the cornerstone of GE innovation for more than a century. Check out our new interactive timeline to see some of our greatest inventions over the years.

With sites around the globe from Niskayuna, NY to Shanghai, China, we are inventing 24 hours a day. Get a quick snapshot of where we’re inventing through our new interactive map and visit our locations pages to learn more.

Visit our newsroom where you can read about our latest technology advancements and see where we’re popping up in the news. You’ll also find our Experts page – a great resource for reporters and other media to connect with our technology thought leaders in virtually every major industry sector from energy, aviation and rail to healthcare, water and appliances.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to visit geglobalresearch.com.  We hope you make it a regular destination to learn about how GE Global Research is working to improve the world by pushing the limits of science and technology for our customers.




  1. Serena Anubi

    This site is beautiful! 😀 Interesting

  2. Scott Clendaniel

    Fantastic! Huge congratulations to you on the new site- I know what a nightmare that can be.