The Humor Venn Diagram

I have such a hard time with some kinds of sarcasm that my colleagues and I decided go to the PDS Whiteboard to clear it up a bit.

Occasionally, at the end of a long day, I have been known to have “crazy scientist hair”. One of my colleagues might mention in passing that they like my “haircut”. “thanks!” I will say ” I got it cut like 10 weeks ago” –awkward pause where my colleague tries to decide if I am completely unaware that my hair looks ridiculous. Some people can’t taste the bitter in Brussels sprouts, I can’t discern some forms of sarcasm. I would say my overall sense of wellbeing is better off, however It does lead to some awkward moments.

At any rate, we went to the white board to try to understand why I could understand some forms of sarcasm but not others. We decided that sarcasm is the intersection of two other forms of humor: and in my opinion, not deserving of its own humor genre. In the end we discovered I don’t understand any sarcasm that intersect with cruel humor. (should Brussels sprouts really be considered a vegetable?)


Interestingly; if you draw line from ironic through the center to silly you get the “Axis of Clowns”. This runs from creepy birthday party clowns at the bottom right through circus clowns to that ironic/sad clown from you’re freshmen dorm room wall at the top left.

By the way. I love this guy! He uses charts to great effect in his humor. He is a little irreverent so brace yourself.

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  1. Michelle Othon

    I’m going to release my inner geek here, but I think I’ve already done that in some of my own blog posts…

    This reminds me of an episode of Star Trek Next Generation when Lieutenant Commander Data (who is an android) tries to understand the concept of humor, and what makes people laugh. Here’s a clip of it:

    That episode still cracks me up. Okay, back to the basement to play Dungeons & Dragons with my imaginary friends. Best of luck on your quest to conquer sarcasm!