The Future of Fuel and Refueling

Due to the large domestic Natural Gas reserves, the interest in developing new technology to allow profitable use of NG, has increased significantly. ARPA-E has identified an opportunity for greater adoption of Light-Duty Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) being NGV economically viable as well as 40% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline powered vehicles.  To aid in greater adoption of NGVs in the US, ARPA-E sent out a request for concepts of At-Home Refueling to offer the end user the convenience of fueling their car using the home NG line. By having an at-home refueling, it will add the convenience to the end user to fill their natural gas vehicle safely, quickly and more reliably.

The GE Global Research team, together with its partners Chart Industries and scientists at the University of Missouri, submitted a Chilled-NG At-Home Refueling proposal, which ARPA-E has awarded to bring the proposal concept to prototype demonstration.

Light-Duty NGV operates using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), as an example the Honda Civic GX.  The proposed design compresses NG from 1 bar (from the home NG line) to the required 250 bar, with improved reliability, cost and re-filling times compared to the state-of-the-art. The demonstration program is scheduled to begin in January 2013. The Home-Refueling team looks forward to proving this concept and getting into the lab to build a prototype!

Keep an eye out on the blog for updates on our progress and check out the press release for more details!

– Anna Lis

At-Home Refueling Station for NG Vehicles


  1. Lita

    Can get to MassMirror okay, but the d/l speeds are maimnil. I’m experiencing massively reduced d/l speeds with all sites though. Only recognises the top speed initially then they drop to maimnil speeds. Anyone elso experiencing this or have any solutions.

  2. clayton

    I hope to here about some progress SOON.
    I would like to buy a new minivan, add a natural gas tank and be able to fill it up in my garage.
    Thank you Clayton