Student Opportunities for Scientists and Engineers

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege to give the keynote address at the Invention Convention award ceremony for New York’s Capital District chapter.  The event brought nearly 100 local students, grades K-8, and their families to the Schenectady Museum where prizes for the top 25 inventions were awarded. These were the top-of-the-top of inventions, from a backpack umbrella to a light up safety vest! In total, nearly 1,400 inventions were submitted from local schools during the competition.

It was amazing to see the creativity and ingenuity that the children brought to solve their problems. I took the time to wander through the display of invention disclosures and prototypes and I could see myself using several of these inventions to solve everyday problems such as cooking breakfast for my family more efficiently to helping my children find their lost shoes!

In today’s global economy increasingly being driven by technology, we need to continue to encourage students to be the future inventors, scientists and engineers. After seeing the projects on display, I’m truly excited to see what they will invent in the future. In my talk at the awards ceremony, I discussed real energy issues our world is facing today and the need for young inventors to begin thinking of ways to help solve these issues. How could you take the garbage your country is making and turn it into energy? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

Here is a short clip from my talk along with a clip of one of our young inventors, Connor, explaining his award-winning invention.

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