James Y. Yang
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Karen Lightman
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Nana Ayensu
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Christine M. Furstoss
When you’re part of a global company that operates multiple R&D sites around the world, the engine of innovation literally... Read More »
Aisha Yousuf
“We are ONE Edison” was the theme of the first GE Global Edison Summit held February 16-18, 2014 at Coronado Springs Resort... Read More »
GE Global Research
Today, we are excited to unveil the brand new GE Global Research website.  You can find this new web destination at... Read More »
Mark Frontera
I’ve always felt I had the potential to make a big impact on the world. Fresh out of graduate school, I joined GE Global... Read More »
GE Global Research
President Obama today announced two new manufacturing innovation institutes. One is focused on digital manufacturing and design... Read More »
Ron Olson
“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”  ~Thomas Campbell, Physicist On Sunday, February 9, GE Global Research... Read More »
Ranjan Gupta
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Sahika Genc
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Nana Ayensu
Most of my academic and professional career had been spent fabricating superionic and semiconducting materials, building complex... Read More »
Carlos Härtel, Dr.-Ing.
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Bill Gerstler
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GE Global Research
Christine Furstoss, Technology Director for Manufacturing and Materials Technologies, was interviewed on Bloomberg... Read More »
Thomas The Elf
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Eric Ruggiero
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Jigar Shah
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