GE Global Research
Christine Furstoss, Technology Director for Manufacturing and Materials Technologies, was interviewed on Bloomberg... Read More »
Thomas The Elf
Hello Everyone! I am so excited to be back this year to share another way GE researchers are taking part in the holiday cheer. In... Read More »
Eric Ruggiero
Every so often, an opportunity arises that forces you to pause and reflect.  For me, this opportunity most recently was at the... Read More »
Jigar Shah
As children, many of us grow up wanting to make some sort of lasting positive impact on society. Often times, even as... Read More »
Pradeep Desai
Big data and Analytics is an emerging field. It offers insights into the hidden aspects of hard problems that do not lend... Read More »
GE Global Research
Leo and Cold Spray have something in common—fortunate accidents. Leo was originally a mechanical engineer who spent time in a... Read More »
Joseph Salvo
At MIT they’re serious about “hacking” together ideas for innovation, invention, and new businesses. This weekend a team... Read More »
Kathleen O'Brien
Hi everyone – STEM education is something I’m passionate about.  So, I’m thrilled to be taking part in a live web-cast... Read More »
Trevor Kirsten
I’m Trevor Kirsten and I lead a team of GE researchers that investigate a range of energy technologies. One of the fascinating... Read More »
Christine M. Furstoss
As consumers, we have been living in 3D for quite some time now.  A simple night out at the movies will give you that... Read More »
Loucas Tsakalakos
I want to touch base on a topic that is becoming increasingly of interest to GE and the Energy industry as a whole. This has to... Read More »
Naresh Iyer
Today, there are more devices than people connected to the Internet. In 2015, that number is expected to rise to 25... Read More »
Eric Ruggiero
When two seemingly unrelated research topics are overlapped, the result is sometimes a small spark that ignites a revolution in... Read More »
GE Global Research
This week, we announced a partnership with Berkeley Lab to develop a water-based, flow battery capable of more than just... Read More »
Rick Arthur
GE Global Research has made progress in modeling the formation of ice from water droplets in contact with cold surfaces. Rick... Read More »
GE Global Research
Meet Dave Moore, the manager of the Membrane and Separation Technologies Lab at GE Global Research. Today, we announced the work... Read More »
Laura Hudy
Laura Hudy, manager of the Energy Systems Lab, went to college for communications, switched to engineering and never looked back.... Read More »
Martin Stettner
The massive 58.7 meter blade from GE’s newest wind turbine, the 2.5-120, has been traveling by oversize load transport across... Read More »