Scott Smith
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) was discovered in the late 1940s by groups at Harvard and Stanford, led by Edward Purcell and... Read More »
Thomas Ripplinger
Do you love gas turbine research as much as I do? Then I want to meet you next week! Since joining GE Global Research Europe... Read More »
Christof Sihler
Oil and gas exploration is pushing out into deeper waters further offshore – up to 3000m deep and over 100km away from the... Read More »
Oded Meirav
Unlike other research organizations within GE Global Research, my team is not tasked with developing technology for GE’s... Read More »
Bradford Miller
Are the machines of tomorrow really different from what we have now? Closed loop control: something about the world is an input... Read More »
Todd Wetzel
Last week, I spent two amazing days living in the future. Specifically, I spent these days promoting the genius of three great... Read More »
Michael Ming
At the Oil & Gas Technology Center, we’re building a world-class team that’s working to solve some of the world’s... Read More »
Roy Primus
It may be hard to believe, but in today’s world of faster, stronger, smarter and cheaper, the good old train system remains the... Read More »
Dr. Marion I. Menzel
On a foggy Sunday in early 2014, upon seeing a good number of local and international academic partners filling up the meeting... Read More »
Loucas Tsakalakos
I’m writing to tell you all about a prestigious honor and a significant award that was recently earned by one of my colleagues... Read More »
Joseph Vinciquerra
I lead GE’s Materials Processing and Testing team here at Global Research. We partner with scientists and engineers from across... Read More »
Angela Fisher
Human activities are changing our world. Current and future generations face serious challenges around issues such as climate... Read More »
Doug Wildes
I got involved with FIRST robotics when our 6th grade daughter joined a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team in 2006. I went along as a... Read More »
Jeremy Van Dam
About a year ago at this time, I introduced you to a few of the technologies we’re developing at GE Global Research to support... Read More »
Ben Beckmann
Technology makes the world smaller. This is pretty much old news for anyone who has an Internet connection or iPhone. What was... Read More »
Tiberiu Siclovan
I was born a curious kid. Since my hands became capable of coordinated movement, their role was to satisfy the question of “how... Read More »
Bruno Betoni Parodi
In 2012, we hosted a workshop at the Brazil Technology Center in Rio de Janeiro for the (then) recently created Subsea Systems... Read More »
James Y. Yang
GE is using 3D printing and other additive technologies to design and produce parts never before possible. We’re even... Read More »