Matt Misner
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David Moore
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James R. Maughan, Ph.D.
With apologies to Stephen Hawking for the title of this blog and an acknowledgement of a recent Wall Street Journal article on... Read More »
Mark Frontera
Yesterday, Feb. 4, marked World Cancer Day, a day set aside each year to raise awareness about cancer worldwide. This year’s... Read More »
GE Global Research
In late January while at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, actress Emma Watson took questions on Twitter as a part... Read More »
Joseph Vinciquerra
Several weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the 2015 Global Leadership Meeting held near Lake George, New York. As a first... Read More »
Thomas The Elf
Hi there, Thomas the Elf here. I just returned to the North Pole from GE’s research labs in Upstate New York where we have just... Read More »
Mark Frontera
It is difficult to put into words just how special a gift it is to finally have two healthy children after a two-year-long... Read More »
Valentina Bisio
At the recent One Young World Summit in Dublin (Oct. 15-18, 2014), I had the unique opportunity to discuss global challenges like... Read More »
Vin Smentkowski
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Jigar Shah
With Thanksgiving behind us in the U.S., that can only mean one thing for all the bargain-hunters out there: deals galore!... Read More »
Bernardo Cinelli
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Oliver Astley
The challenges of offshore, deep sea drilling are, in a word, immense. Imagine a place three miles below the surface of the... Read More »
Ricardo Hernandez Pereira
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Kristen Brosnan
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Matt Webster
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A. Nadeem Ishaque, Ph.D.
Isaac Asimov described the human brain as “the most complicated organization of matter that we know.” Despite extraordinary... Read More »
Lei Wang
About four years ago, I visited Ordos, Inner Mongolia, to work on a project. When I arrived, all I saw was desolation. Rivers... Read More »