Azar Alizadeh
They say you can tell a person’s age by looking at their hands. But how about their health and well-being? For that, the answer... Read More »
Paulo Gallotti Rodrigues
Ask any soccer fan and he or she will tell you that 2014 World Cup was one of the best in many years. We can list many reasons... Read More »
Maya Nath
GE Global Research asked some of our interns to share why they wanted to work here and what they’ve learned during their... Read More »
Matt Webster
A few years ago I asked my wife if she would like an activity monitor for her birthday, to help automatically track her... Read More »
Scott Smith
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) was discovered in the late 1940s by groups at Harvard and Stanford, led by Edward Purcell and... Read More »
Thomas Ripplinger
Do you love gas turbine research as much as I do? Then I want to meet you next week! Since joining GE Global Research Europe... Read More »
Christof Sihler
Oil and gas exploration is pushing out into deeper waters further offshore – up to 3000m deep and over 100km away from the... Read More »
Oded Meirav
Unlike other research organizations within GE Global Research, my team is not tasked with developing technology for GE’s... Read More »
Bradford Miller
Are the machines of tomorrow really different from what we have now? Closed loop control: something about the world is an input... Read More »
Todd Wetzel
Last week, I spent two amazing days living in the future. Specifically, I spent these days promoting the genius of three great... Read More »
Michael Ming
At the Oil & Gas Technology Center, we’re building a world-class team that’s working to solve some of the world’s... Read More »
Roy Primus
It may be hard to believe, but in today’s world of faster, stronger, smarter and cheaper, the good old train system remains the... Read More »
Dr. Marion I. Menzel
On a foggy Sunday in early 2014, upon seeing a good number of local and international academic partners filling up the meeting... Read More »
Loucas Tsakalakos
I’m writing to tell you all about a prestigious honor and a significant award that was recently earned by one of my colleagues... Read More »
Joseph Vinciquerra
I lead GE’s Materials Processing and Testing team here at Global Research. We partner with scientists and engineers from across... Read More »
Angela Fisher
Human activities are changing our world. Current and future generations face serious challenges around issues such as climate... Read More »
Doug Wildes
I got involved with FIRST robotics when our 6th grade daughter joined a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team in 2006. I went along as a... Read More »
Jeremy Van Dam
About a year ago at this time, I introduced you to a few of the technologies we’re developing at GE Global Research to support... Read More »