Happy Pi Day!

As a company that makes so many things that spin in a circular motion … think jet engines, wind turbines and even MRI scanners … we’re big fans of Pi! Pi, that magical measurement defining the ratio of the circumference of the circle to its diameter, is important to designing these products and so many more that we manufacture.

To us, Pi is much more than a number.

wind-image-300x159For wind turbines, it can help us analyze wind blade speeds at their tips as we look for ways to improve wind capture and design the other rotating wind turbine parts.

For MRI scanners, PI helps us design to achieve the best medical images.

Pi is also important for 3-D modeling and printing, which is an area where GE researchers are intensifying their efforts. 3-D printing, an area of additive manufacturing, is providing new manufacturing freedom that was not possible with conventional machining processes. Being able to take precise measurements is vital to this emerging manufacturing technique.

Happy Pi Day!

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