GE Progress Includes 140 Things We Made Yesterday

Hi everybody, I wanted to share a link today to a video that was pulled together at a remarkable pace and was launched last week. To go along with GE’s new branded Twitter page, I participated in filming some of my work for a video titled, “140 Things We Made Yesterday at GE.” It was pretty neat to go into the lab, film what I was working on at that moment, send over the file footage, and see it in a video a day later.

My work is #43 in the video and comes in at about :27-30 seconds.

What you see is a plasma spray deposition of ceramics that my team and I were working on here at GE Global Research. My role on the team is to analyze the microstructures of the ceramic layer and provide feedback so that processing parameters can be adjusted to develop the optimal microstructure and properties of the ceramic. We couldn’t quite fit that explanation into the video, so I wanted to post about it here!

I hope you enjoyed the video, please be just to check us out on Twitter as well. My handle is @KristenBrosnan but you can also follow Global Research and the blog @EdisonsDesk or the main GE account @GeneralElectric. Happy tweeting!

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  1. Jomy Joseph

    GE is synonym of Innovation.

  2. Solar Sacramento

    I’ve always loved GE products, their innovation and creativity in production is awesome. This video just underlines that innovation!

    Solar Sacramento