GE Launches Chinese Blog About Technology


In early December, GE China Technology Center (CTC) launched its first Chinese language blog at, which is one of the most popular Chinese-language infotainment web portals. Its launch enables GE CTC to reach the general public in a livelier manner. This avenue of communication will provide cyber citizens – which we’re told make up 1/3 of the Chinese population – greater access to GE information.

I have been following the recent blogs and think you may find them very enlightening and informational in making science interesting and exciting. Topics are really fascinating, such as why chili is spicy and how to alleviate the burning it can cause, the technology behind cleaner coal energy, the breakthrough of a zero-emissions dual battery system for buses, ultrasonics in early detection of cirrhosis, and so on.  These entries reinforce that technology and innovation are the key drivers to improve our life and elevate human civilization.

Sina-screenshotSince GE was founded, it has been driven by technology and innovation, which, as an employee, I am proud of.   Hopefully, in the near future, more companies of GE’s type will be flourishing in China and producing things to make our lives better.  It is also encouraging to see that GE is working with young people that are still at school and engaging people with new tools such as the blog to attract interest in science, technology, innovating, and engineering.

However, science doesn’t only mean fancy devices or systems.  It is also deeply rooted in our ordinary daily life.  There is one blog about implementation of basic science principles in housework written by a CTC chemist, who obviously enjoys doing housework scientifically.

In addition to science and technology, many other stories were also shared through this platform, such as the visit Steven Chu, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, made to the CTC.

So, have I intrigued you at all to learn even more about what is taking place at the China Technology Center in Shanghai? For more of our stories, why don’t you come join me to check it out!

The CTC blog can be found at: