Following the Technical Career Path

I’m Mark, a mechanical engineer with 32 years’ experience at GE Research. My career has spanned development of superconducting MR magnets, X-ray sources, and aerospace composite structures. I presently lead projects developing novel composites manufacturing methods as well as a 3 Tesla head-only magnet system.

I’m also enjoying a part-time role as coordinator of the GE Global Research A Course, which gives me a chance to greatly increase the span of one of my favorite activities – education and mentoring. I was the x-ray tubes instructor for several years, and now enjoy providing this opportunity for Global Research’s new and mid-career staff to enhance their technical and business understanding, as well as network with some of our top experts in many technical fields.

The ‘A course’ provides 32 lectures that span GE’s major business units including Energy, Healthcare, and Aviation, with special focus on the areas that Global Research applies significant effort.

In the accompanying video, I explain the program and its relevance as well as its roots. Over the next few months, our Edison Engineers will be sharing their their thoughts and takeaways from the sessions in the course right here on the blog so you can take part in our learning as well.

Feel free to ask our engineers (or instructors) questions in the comments field and we look forward to engaging with you around some great topics and discussions!