Ecoassessment COE: Inspiring a more sustainable world


Human activities are changing our world. Current and future generations face serious challenges around issues such as climate change, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, diminishing resources, land use change, air pollution, and acidification.  In addition, societal and economic changes such as population growth, increasing energy needs, and advancement in economic status of previously under-developed regions place increased pressure on limited resources.

The world’s environmental challenges present an opportunity for GE to do what it does best: imagine and build innovative solutions that benefit our customers and society. The world needs better, different approaches, with improved energy and water performance and decreased material consumption.

The ecoassessment center of excellence, based at GE Global Research, is GE’s expert technical team focused on sustainability, including environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) of products and technologies. LCA is an internationally recognized methodology that can be used to examine products from an environmental perspective across the full life cycle of the product, from raw material extraction and refining through manufacturing, distribution, use, and end-of-life disposal or recycling. By including the impacts throughout the entire product life cycle, LCA provides a comprehensive view of the potential environmental benefits or impacts of the product and a more accurate picture of the environmental trade-offs and improvement opportunities.

Our expertise spans LCA (a subset of which includes carbon, energy, and water footprinting); environmental life cycle management (LCM), which is a broader strategy to manage environmental issues across a product’s life cycle; and design for environment, also referred to as ecodesign.

Our long-term vision is to inspire and to help GE build products and technologies that address the world’s challenging environmental and natural resource needs.  We are developing a variety of tools and resources for GE’s research and design specialists, and we are helping connect the dots between product environmental performance and customer value creation.


If you’re interested in the work we are doing, follow this blog to be kept abreast of developments in this space, to get connected to LCA and ecodesign skills and capabilities, and to be introduced to key people and resources around the world that are helping to create business value based on sustainability principles.

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Together we can inspire and be inspired. Let’s improve the world!

Happy Earth Day!

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