A Sneak Peek Into Santa’s Smarter Sleigh

Hi everyone,

I’m back this year, to bring you the inside scoop on a surprise the elves and I have been working on for months. It all started last year when Santa, the reindeer and my fellow elves huddled for our annual debrief after Christmas to review what went well—and where we needed to improve.

The reindeer decided to speak first.

“My legs are exhausted!” Yelled Donder. “That’s because you relax for 364 days of the year,” Prancer remarked, while frolicking around the workshop.

“It takes us so long to get around the world. Isn’t there anything we can do to make the trip a little faster?” Said Dasher.

And you Santa? There must be something you would like to improve.

“Well Thomas,” he began. We do a great job, the whole team. But, if there’s something that’s been on my mind—it’s these lists. They are getting longer each year and taking up so much room in the sleigh! I would just digitize them, but the size of my laptop would put us over the Official Sleigh Weight Limit (OSWL).

And that’s when the elves and I gave the scientists and engineers at GE Global Research a call to see if any of the new technologies they’ve been working on could help us improve the sleigh. So, below for the first time, we’ll unveil the upgraded sleigh—just don’t tell Santa. I just know the team is going to be blown away by the improved sleigh, now equipped with:

– An Electric Traction Motor with MEMS switching technology to quickly and efficiently transfer power of the sleigh over to the electric motor, giving Donder’s legs a break.

– An upgraded sleigh frame made from GE’s high temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs). The CMCs can withstand the heat of entry and reentry in earth’s orbit, allowing us fly into outer space and dash back to our next destination, faster than we’ve ever done before.

– The thinnest laptop ever created, thanks to GE’s ultra slim cooling solution. Wait until Santa sees this laptop within the OSWL!

Below you’ll see the sleigh, feel free to play around and check out all of the new features added to make Santa’s travels greener, faster and much more efficient than ever before. Also, be sure to visit ge.com/santa to email Santa’s super-smarter-sleigh to your friends and family this holiday season.

What else would you add to the sleigh? Leave any ideas you have below and I’ll be sure to share your thoughts with the GE researchers to get their wheels… I mean blades… spinning for next year!

Merry Christmas!

– Thomas the Elf

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  1. Katelyn

    Great to see the tradition keeping alive! Happy Holidays to the gang at Global Research!!