A Balanced Lifestyle Makes Time for Exercise

In the past few weeks, we’ve shared #GetFit stories from our Niskayuna and San Ramon sites. GE Healthcare’s #getfit campaign is a social media initiative to drive cancer awareness and prevention by inviting people all over the world to share what they are doing to stay healthy. Today, I’d like to share with you what my colleague Dr. Pengju Kang does to #GetFit in Shanghai, China.

PengjuDr. Pengju Kang is the Technology Leader of Electrical Technologies & Systems at our GE China Technology Center. He is in charge of new technology research, new product development, and technical services. His team is driving GE’s growth in China and globally through innovation in close cooperation with GE businesses, customers, government, universities and research institutions. Dr. Kang received his PHD in Electrical Engineering from Queensland University of Technology in Australia and is a word famous expert in the area of electrical systems, with more than 30 technical publications and 25 patents. He joined GE Global Research  in March 2010 as a principle engineer of Electrical Technologies & Systems, responsible for driving research programs in 3 technology areas: electric drive train, smart grid and avionics.

How do you get fit and stay in shape?

I stay in shape by participating lots of sports as much as I can. I play basketball  and soccer with friends and my colleagues at GE. I try also to squeeze time out of my normal business schedule to jog or run in the park for three hours. And also, I am not a regular visitor of office gym, but if I can find the time, I will go the gym for a half an hour to work out.

Why is getting fit important to you?

Getting fit is very important for my health, for work, as well as for families. Getting fit allows me to energize every day to get ready for long day work at GE and deal with after-work activity. I have to get up early in the morning to deal with the daytime work demand, as well as in the evening stay up late to attend teleconferences, calls, etc. which requires lots of energy and strength. I travel a lot and that means I change environments frequently. Being fit helps me to adapt to the environment quickly. If your body does not adapt quickly enough, it will be harmful to the quality of life as well as quality of work. I use this kind of very regular strenuous exercises as a way of helping me release the pressure and build a strong will to tackle various challenges and issues I may encounter in life or work.

What are your favorite activities?

I enjoy basketball, soccer, working out in gym, jogging and running. Sometimes I will do some hiking if I have time. I also enjoy dancing!

How do you balance leading a healthy lifestyle with your family life?

When you have family commitments,  job commitments, and so many other things, you have to work hard to make the time for exercise. Also, try to optimize the time when you spend with your family.

What advice would you give to others trying to get fit?

I think everybody understands and appreciates the value of getting fit. Fitness makes you feel confident and helps us have a healthy and balance lifestyle. If you ask me the advice I would love to give to people, I think the most difficult thing is once you have a schedule, then you need to have a will and resolution. You need to keep persistent.

Pengju practicing Tai-chi during GE's Annual HealthAhead Day on May 16, 2012
Pengju practicing Tai-chi during GE’s Annual HealthAhead Day on May 16, 2012

We’d love to hear what you do to get fit and why exercise is important to you. Feel free to share with us below, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter with @GEHealthcare.

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