What We Do

Making aircraft engines more efficient. Powering the world with flexible gas turbines. Crunching big data. Pioneering the Industrial Internet. Creating greener ground transportation. Refining medical imaging for the future. GE Global Research has served as the cornerstone of GE innovation for more than a century. Currently, more than 3,000 of the world’s brightest scientists, engineers and researchers are working together to deliver technical breakthroughs for GE customers.

In seven state-of-the art facilities around the world, we’re applying expertise in fields from electronics to chemistry, biosciences to computing, metallurgy to fluid mechanics, materials to imaging—and many more—against the world’s toughest challenges. Scientists at our largest site, in Niskayuna, collaborate with colleagues in Bangalore, Shanghai, Munich, Rio de Janeiro, San Ramon and Oklahoma City to invent better ways to build, connect, cure, move and power the world.

A Lab Built by Innovation Giants

Inspired by Thomas Edison and led by GE’s early chief consulting engineer, Charles Steinmetz, GE’s Research Laboratory was created to maintain the company’s market edge and to foster new discoveries and commercial applications.

From its humble beginnings in a carriage barn, the Lab’s first Research Director, a young professor from MIT named Willis Whitney, and early research pioneers William Coolidge and Irving Langmuir, drove groundbreaking advancements in electricity and healthcare that fulfilled the Lab’s original mission. On the shoulders of these innovation giants, the young lab continued to feed new innovations and new products into the marketplace, growing the company and research operation.

Throughout our history, GE scientists and engineers have distinguished themselves, amassing tens of thousands of patents, two Nobel prizes in chemistry and physics, and a list of inventions that have defined and redefined generation after generation.